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BEING: Awake, aware, and experiencing life as your authentic self

You know how to be a human thinking,

and a human doing, but do you know

how to be a human BEING?

BEING isn’t just the absence of doing. It’s a dynamic place

within you. Transform your experience of life by developing

the ability to inhabit it. Discover how to cultivate the five

states of BEING, and create all that your life can be – from

your true self. BEING is a practical roadmap, and offers the

antidote to the chaos that living in our head creates for us:

psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In learning to inhabit Being, you will find:

True rest and relaxation

Mental peace and emotional equilibrium

The true voice of your authentic self

A sense of empowerment

Your own vision and a framework for

how to create it.

How to fulfil the promise of your unique potential

as a human being.

BEING will inspire you to follow Lynn Mann’s route, on

your own transformative journey.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you’ll do it by first

coming to live in and from BEING.

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