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Being 21: Towards greater self-understanding in 21 questions

Being 21 is a beautiful gift on the outside and meaningful within. This original and attractive 21st Birthday or Christmas gift introduces a process of self-questioning - building confidence and capability. Empowering. Compelling. Illuminating. It also supports mental and emotional wellbeing.

In 21 carefully crafted, powerful questions, former counsellor therapist Lynn B. Mann, leads the reader towards greater self-understanding, and to knowing more what they want their life to be about.


‘Who am I really?’


What 21 year-old hasn’t asked themselves this question. Entering your twenties, turning 21, and the next few years, is an intense time in our lives. It’s when we become an adult. When we begin to map out what our life might look like. When we’re likely to have lots of big decisions to make around careers, studying, where we’ll live, and in relationships. How are we meant to navigate all of this, if we don’t really know who we are or what we want?

Throughout this process of self-questioning, the reader is guided in developing more: confidence, self-esteem, resilience, courage, adaptability, self-trust, and determination. The reader can come to know what’s true for them as an individual, by looking inwards for answers, rather than outwards.


Discover how to:

  • turn self-consciousness into self-awareness

  • connect to your true self

  • grow your sense of your own capabilities

  • define what success in life means for you

  • let your hopes and dreams for the future shape how you live now

  • live more from your heart than your head

  • separate your wants from your needs

  • harness your creative energy, and direct it towards creating the life you want

  • create a vision for your life

  • align your actions to your vision.

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